Future Plans

Facebook/Google/Twitter Login Integration
Allow users to register and login using their favorite social network

Instinct & Mystic Themes
Add site themes for both Instinct and Mystic. The look of the site will change depending on what team you are on

Host events such as free lure nights, gym raids, and Pokewalks around town

Pokemap Upgrade
Show pokemon around user’s current location instead of set locations

Build upon profiles, adding more Pokemon related information and show user stats

In Progress

Bug Fixing
Finding and fixing bugs throughout the entire site


A live map showing exact locations of pokemon. Will also feature locations of pokestops and gyms with ownership status.

Donation Button
Allow members to donate to help keep the website running

Populate the forums with more sections

Allows members to create groups for the people in their area to join. By being in a group, you can attend events, meet other group members, and participate in group discussions.

A website built solely for the Valor team. Members can create a profile, create and comment on status’, make friends, and private message on another.