Thanks to cpabell, granthftw, (soon to be Josh) and (soon to be Stephen)’s hard work, we have this awesome map that shows you live updates of Pokémon, gyms, and Pokéstops in your area. You can customize the map experience by clicking on the Valor.City emblem. Select a location below and enjoy!


Available Locations

Mt. Washington, KY

Columbus, IN

Corydon, IN

Malta, NY

More Locations will be added soon… Request them here!

The site will be switched to a new server soon. A fully functional backup site will be made on a separate domain while this one is undergoing the maintenance.


Request Location

Location requests should be added to Pokémap Location Requests thread in the Suggestions forum. Request the desired location by replying to the thread. Each map adds stress to the server so only highly requested locations will get a map.


Our Vision

The Pokémap may seem great at the moment, but we have a bigger vision. Our vision is to have a map that updates live with your location. We have been working on ideas on how to code this, but it definitely isn’t easy. Niantic monitors much of the user activity and if they see our accounts constantly jumping across cities and states, the accounts could get banned. However, we are working on methods around this. It may take some time, but I’m really excited to share what we come up with!