Welcome fellow Valor!

What’s up everyone! Like many of you, Pokémon was a huge part of my childhood. And the launch of Pokémon GO has sent me back. I find myself staying up till 3-4am multiple nights a week, hanging out at lures and taking down gyms. The game is a lot of fun and built incredibly well, but it kinda lacks on the social aspect. You can’t make friends and plan meetups for Pokéwalks or gym raids. It’d be nice to have these features, but I’d rather them focus on fixing all the server issues and add in PvP and trade. So I decided to take it upon myself and create something amazing for my fellow Valor mates.

With Valor.City, Pokémon trainers can make official friendships, set up events, and discuss everything Pokémon. Got a 2K snorelax? Update your status and let everyone know! Want to go on a raid? Hit up the events section to find one near you. Did you just meet someone at a lure? Become friends with them here so you can meet up with them again. Need help leveling up or having a really good strategy? Post it in the forums for everyone to see. All this makes the game much more fun and interactive.

For those of you who are only playing to catch them all, a few of my friends and people on the internet have helped me to create the best Pokémap you have seen. And the best part is that it’s free for everyone to use!

Long hours have been put into this so I really hope you enjoy!

Cameron Abell
Valor.City Keymaster